Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wresteling with new skills

The suite of Dirkie Sanchez is now a thing of the past. It was a great project and I can say it's official, I now know how to sew on leather, satin and suede. Not an easy task and no, don't even think of using the same needle for all, you'll soon realise that they each have their very own personality and special needs.

I spend hours sequencing masks for the pillows and once again I made a quilt after promising myself that my quilting days would have to wait until I am well into old age an have loads of time on hand... well, no such luck.

Now that I am packing away what remains of the project scattered throughout the house, I can feel happy with a job well done. We have given our Lucha Libre Wrestler a home where adults will be able to go and visit and play. There are costumes and masks hiding in the dressing room, the bed is a wrestling ring and there is enough detail and tips on the blinds to get them going.

So what next...?

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