Monday, February 8, 2010

Theatre in my garden

The girls and I got together for our first, of hopefully many, creative explorations.

It was to be of a theatrical nature with the help of Ashley. The initial inspiration came from Ashley's "car goblins" that caught Sarah's eye. These mesmerizing masks staring blankly out of the back window of her car became the object of our curiosity.

Armed with aprons, water, gypsum, Vaseline and some Chardonnay (and Mark and Sarel cooking lunch in the corner) we readied ourselves for the wet messy affair.

It was quite an experience being confined inside these faces that reflected our own, yet drying as a snapshot in time. As the layers build up an overwhelming sense of isolation takes hold and inside your own image you become anonymous and unable to speak until you are released from your mask. It was a marvelous feeling that needs further exploration.

Next stop... Sarah's - for a lesson in oil painting!